Historical Fiction & Fantasy Sagas Steeped in Ancient Mythologies

"An unstoppable read... Unmissable."

- Readers' Favorite


"Hauntingly Beautiful—This story will break your heart and give you hope!"

- Kindle Customer

"...richly detailed and exceptionally well-woven..."

- Readers' Favorite


"The best historical drama I have ever read, hands down!"

- Author A.L. Rugova

"total immersion into the complex world of Ancient Egypt"

- Readers' Favorite


"Five stars are not nearly enough!"

- Gabrielle B., A Reader

  • Lauren loves to daydream about times long past while sipping green tea and watching the experts on the Discovery channel unearth our ancestors' civilizations. She likes to dive into history and find overlooked, under-appreciated and relatively unknown tidbits of our past to craft engaging stories with characters who love and lose, fight wrong with right, and hope in times of despair.

    "[Merewether] knows how to balance all the most interesting and well-researched elements of ancient history with emotional parallels to modern life and drama so that every character resonates with contemporary readers."
    - K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

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