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King's Daughter

King's Daughter

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Nefe, the innocent daughter of Nefertiti, flees her perfect palatial home to escape the clutches of a madman obsessed with usurping the throne.

Her mother, Pharaoh of Egypt, is betrayed and murdered; her last living sister abandons her for a fool's errand, sure to end in death. Nefe is left alone and stripped of everything she once knew. Under the protection of General Paaten, Aitye—her mother's steward—and a mysterious man named Atinuk, they narrowly escape the corruption in the great sun city and head toward an unknown future in a foreign land.

But the road is fraught with danger, from vicious seafarers to Hittite soldiers. To come away with their lives, the quartet must navigate the secrets and shattered lives each carries. Can they learn to trust each other and embrace their future as refugees, or will their pasts tear them apart amid the treacherous journey?
Join Nefe, Paaten, Atinuk, and Aitye in this gripping coming-of-age drama set in the New Kingdom of Egypt.


Praise for King's Daughter

"An action-packed story, this is all about survival against all odds. The main characters were exceptionally well-developed and the story was paced and flowed smoothly." - Anne-Marie Reynolds by Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles series blew me away with its complex plots and incredible characters. I had high hopes of Lauren Lee Merewether delivering a similar experience with King's Daughter. However, it was not the same; it was infinitely better. Nefe's character was compelling. She was innocent in all this mess, yet she had to make decisions that she never thought she would. She literally had to mature mentally and physically if she wanted to survive. This struggle for survival, the fear that her protector would turn on her, and the unpredictability of finding shelter in Canaan all shaped Nefe into a strong woman. The narrative was perfectly paced, the action was always present, and the descriptions made me feel like I was in Egypt with Nefe. Intricate, descriptive, and entertaining!!"  - Rabia Tanveer by Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"King's Daughter is a tale of survival, wit, deceit, trust, greed, and sacrifice. The plot of this story was unique and felt so real, showing ancient Egypt through the eyes of Nefe and Paaten. The development was perfect, and the characters were consistent with their moods. I enjoyed the simple writing style and flowing dialogue." - Jennifer Ibiam by Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"...young Nefe is confused, angry, and mourning the loss of her family. Will she be able to come to terms with all that has happened, or will her grief envelop her and leave her unable to thrive in a new land? ...very human element...Merewether very clearly has a passion for this time period in history." - Heather Osborne by Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"Having read many of the fantastic books in The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles over the years, I am always delighted to engage with another touching and realistic drama from author Lauren Lee Merewether, who has once again crafted a knockout work of fiction with plenty of pathos, grit, and inspiration to offer readers." - K.C. Finn by Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)



Book Information

Publisher: LLMBooks Publishing
Published: April 2021
ISBN-13: 979-8643872405
Genre: Historical Fiction


Audiobook Information

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The author rated this book for ages 13+ for violence and adult themes.

King's Daughter will contain spoilers for Salvation in the Sun, Secrets in the Sand, and the series prequels, Paaten's War and The Mitanni Princess.

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