What is Lauren Working on Next?

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  • Woman King

    The second volume of Egypt's Golden Age Chronicles is coming together page by page.

  • The Curse of Honor

    The sequel in the Ancient Legends saga is a gripping romance awaiting the myth-inspired Io, the daughter of Inachus as she is shipped off to Hyksos controlled Egypt.

  • Beauty & the Beast Historical Fairytale Retelling

    The Beauty and the Beast were once Petrus and Catherine of 1500s France. This is their story, retold in a romantic epic with a dash of magic.

  • Arthurian Historical Fantasy

    Still in its very early stages, this will be Lauren's first coauthored book with Celtic fantasy author, Corina Douglas.

  • Pirates, Sirens, & the Krakenking

    Lauren is embarking into the realm of fantasy in this romantic high seas, high stakes pirate adventure saga!