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Warrior King (Egypt's Golden Age Chronicles, Book I)

Warrior King (Egypt's Golden Age Chronicles, Book I)

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A New Dynasty is Born.

Expelling the foreign kings of Egypt is proving costly.  

1575 BC.  Surrounded by her enemies, the future of the rebellion is in the hands of Queen Ahhotep as her husband’s body is laid at her feet.   

To unite the divided kingdom, Ahhotep must be the commanding leader to those still loyal to her family, a guiding voice her children require, and meet the impossible expectations of her mother, the Great Wife Tetisheri. Feeling alone and finding no consolation in the palace, Ahhotep seeks counsel with a man she loves but cannot have, inviting conflict into her family and her heart.   


With obsolete weaponry, inferior resources, and the royal family’s divided front, their supporters dissent and leave. To keep their borders secure, Ahhotep must find a way to consolidate power, raise a capable army, and mold her son into a Warrior King before death comes for her and her people.  


Warrior King is a beautiful ode to the powerful women behind the crown and how their love, determination, leadership, and sacrifice propelled the once-called Kemet into a golden era of ancient Egyptian history. 

Grab this gripping historical drama today.


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Paperback Size: 5" x 8" - US Only - 468 pages

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