Reading Order

Lauren Lee Merewether writes family sagas within overlapping universes. Discover the chronology of her books and the reading order by series here.
  • Ancient Legends

    1673 BC: The Curse of Revenge (Prequel I)

    1650 BC: The Curse of Blood (Prequel II)

    1650 BC: The Curse of Beauty (Book I)

    1620 BC: The Curse of Honor (Book II - In Draft)

    1570 BC: The Curse of Envy (Book III - TBD)

    1280 BC: The Curse of Strength (Book IV - TBD)

    1100 BC: The Curse of Wonder (Book V - TBD)

  • Egypt's Golden Age Chronicles

    1570 BC: Warrior King (Book I)

    1520 BC: Woman King (Book II - Outlining)

    1480 BC: Conqueror King (Book III - TBD)

    1440 BC: Rebel King (Book IV - TBD)

    1390 BC: Peace King (Book V - TBD)

  • The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles

    The Valley Iris is the first prequel because it's ending feeds into the middle of Wife of Ay.

    1371 BC: Wife of Ay (Prequel II)

    1368 BC: The Valley Iris (Prequel I)

    1362 BC: Paaten's War (Prequel III)

    1360 BC: The Fifth Prophet (Prequel IV)

    1355 BC: Egypt's Second Born/ King's Jubilee (Prequel V/Short Story)

    1353 BC: The Mitanni Princess (Prequel Novella)

    1352 BC: Salvation in the Sun (Book I)

    1350 BC: Exiled (Complement I)

    1335 BC: Secrets in the Sand (Book II)

    1333 BC: King's Daughter (Complement II)

    1332 BC: A New Dawn (Bonus Ending to King's Daughter)

    1332 BC: Scarab in the Storm (Book III)

    1324 BC: Silence in the Stone (Book IV)

    1321 BC: Nefertiti's Legacy (Complement III)

  • Standalone

    1519: Blood of Toma

Reading Order By Completed Series

The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles

My readers think reading in chronological order gives them a better experience; I prefer starting with Salvation in the Sun, but I always defer to my readers :)  There are no spoilers in the prequels or main series,  wherever you choose to start. Side note: I put The Valley Iris as the first prequel because it's ending feeds into the middle of Wife of Ay. Even so, the prequels are standalones and other than this exception, the saga as it is presented below is in chronological order.

I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for reading! 

Scroll down to see a visual representation of the reading order, as well as a list immediately below.

- Prequel 1 - The Valley Iris 
- Prequel 2 - Wife of Ay
- Prequel 3 - Paaten's War 
- *Prequel 4 - The Fifth Prophet 
- Prequel 5 - Egypt's Second Born

 - Prequel Short Story - King's Jubilee (This is the short story version of Egypt's Second Born; there is no new content from Egypt's Second Born)
- Prequel Novella - The Mitanni Princess (Currently this is a free download for my email subscribers but available in paperback)

- Book 1 - Salvation in the Sun
- *Complement 1 - Exiled: This book will have spoilers for Salvation in the SunThe Fifth Prophet and Egypt's Second Born

- Book 2 - Secrets in the Sand 
- Complement 2 - King's Daughter: This book will have spoilers for Secrets in the SandPaaten's War and The Mitanni Princess
- Bonus Ending - A New Dawn (Currently this is a free download for my email subscribers but available in paperback)

- Book 3 - Scarab in the Storm 

- Book 4 - Silence in the Stone 
- Complement 3 - Nefertiti's Legacy: This book will have spoilers for all 4 books of the main series, King's Daughter, and A New Dawn.

*The Fifth Prophet and Exiled are a bit darker than the rest of the saga because they follow the series villain who is a violent psychopath. A reader compared them to the show Dexter or a PG-13 version of The Killer Inside Me. They are there for the readers who wanted them, but I made the rest of the saga readable without having to read those two books if you decide they are not your cup of tea :)