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Where is my order?

Thanks for trying out my stories!

My eBooks and audiobooks are delivered via email from my distributor, BookFunnel. The email is sent as soon as your purchase is completed, so I would check your spam folder as it may have ended up there. You can find the books that you purchased directly from me HERE or you can go to and use your email as your login name.

My paperbacks are delivered via post by my distributor, Lulu Press, Inc. They should send you a tracking number via email when the order ships. There is usually a 2-4 week turnaround for processing, printing, shipping, and delivery. For issues with your order, please contact me and I will help you locate your order.

For merchandise, my distributors, Printful and Printify, will email you a tracking link once the order ships from their printers. There could be 3 to 14 day turnaround depending on the item. For issues with your order, please contact me and I will help you locate your order.

Do you offer refunds?

If you ordered eBooks or Audiobooks, I do not offer refunds because once they are sent to you, you cannot return them. I hope you understand.

If you ordered Paperbacks and Merchandise, I offer a refund or store credit for most items if the item is damaged or has a defect. See my refund policy for more information.

Can I read/listen on my eReader or Reading/Listening App?

BookFunnel allows you to send the eBook to your preferred eReader or Reading App via email. It is a simple process and they have detailed instructions and an eager support team to ensure your book is delivered to your eReader or Reading App. If you have issues, reach out to and they will assist you.

For the audiobooks, you can enjoy them through the easy and FREE BookFunnel App or Browser.

At this time, I do not allow audiobook downloads or pdf downloads because providing those files makes it very easy for someone to pirate the book.

I hope you understand.

My BookFunnel code expired. What do I do?

BookFunnel codes are good for 14 days; however, you have the books and/or the license to the audiobook forever, so you can either email to request new codes, or you can go to and use your purchase email as your login. There you will find all the books and audiobooks you have purchased from me, and others if applicable, under that email.

How do I download my eBooks?

Here's the best way to enjoy your new #1 bestselling ebooks:

1. Download the BookFunnel app. It's free, gorgeous, slick, and awesome.


OR use the browser and go to and click on Reader Login.

2. Log in to the app with your email address to find your books waiting for you!

Click on the book and select your device. Instructions will pop up.

(Check your purchase email is the same as the login email if you don't see any books)

BookFunnel supports just about any modern digital device, including kindle, nook, kobo, etc.

They have a support team eager to help you download the file to your device if you prefer your device. Email to reach them.

3. Enjoy the books!

Author - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start reading in The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles 15-book saga?

My readers think reading in chronological order gives them a better experience; I prefer starting with Salvation in the Sun, but I always defer to my readers :)  There are no spoilers in the prequels or main series,  wherever you choose to start. Side note: I put The Valley Iris as the first prequel because it's ending feeds into the middle of Wife of Ay. Even so, the prequels are standalones and other than this exception, the saga as it is presented below is in chronological order.  There is a timeline in the front matter of each book with the chronological order of the books as well as on the webpage for the series. I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for reading! 

- Prequel 1 - The Valley Iris 
- Prequel 2 - Wife of Ay
- Prequel 3 - Paaten's War 
- *Prequel 4 - The Fifth Prophet 
- Prequel 5 - Egypt's Second Born

 - Prequel Short Story - King's Jubilee (This is the short story version of Egypt's Second Born)
- Prequel Novella - The Mitanni Princess (Currently this is a free download for my email subscribers but available in paperback)
- Book 1 - Salvation in the Sun
- *Complement 1 - Exiled: This book will have spoilers for Salvation in the SunThe Fifth Prophet and Egypt's Second Born
- Book 2 - Secrets in the Sand 
- Complement 2 - King's Daughter: This book will have spoilers for Secrets in the SandPaaten's War and The Mitanni Princess
- Bonus Ending - A New Dawn (Currently this is a free download for my email subscribers but available in paperback)
- Book 3 - Scarab in the Storm 
- Book 4 - Silence in the Stone 
- Complement 3 - Nefertiti's Legacy: This book will have spoilers for all 4 books of the main series, King's Daughter, and A New Dawn.

*The Fifth Prophet and Exiled are a bit darker than the rest of the saga because they follow the series villain who is a violent psychopath. A reader compared them to the show Dexter or a PG-13 version of The Killer Inside Me. They are there for the readers who wanted them, but I made the rest of the saga readable without having to read those two books if you decide they are not your cup of tea :)

How do I help you reach more people with your books?

Wow! Thank you so much for reading, and I am so glad you enjoyed the stories and want to help spread the word! 

The best way to help these books reach more people is to leave a review on any book you've read (BookBub, Amazon, Goodreads) and then share them via social media and word of mouth. Or, if you know any influencers or bloggers, you can recommend my books to them. 

I also have a free Reader's Guide for Salvation in the Sun available if you want to propose it to your book club. Click on Books in the website menu and select Free Downloads

Thank you so much for helping me get the word out!

I appreciate you and your time!

Did you use any spiritualists or mediums in writing your ancient family sagas?

I did not consult any spiritualists, reincarnated person, or medium-based papers, books, or people in the research for this saga. I used academic papers, journals, research documents, archaeology reports and the like to provide the foundation for The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles and my future works.

For character development, I researched specific forums for people dealing with certain life events, psychology and psychiatry studies, and common traits, thoughts and actions exhibited by people with specific disorders or trauma as experienced by my characters.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Yes. If you don't write the book, no one else will. Your story is unique, and it needs to be read by someone in the world.

Head on over to my blog to read about my writing journey under Author Advice. I also have an Author's Starter Kit of tools and software I use that could be of interest to you.

In the meantime, check out some of the articles on writing a novel and comparing traditional vs self-publishing from Self-Publishing School that helped me.

Best of luck in your journey. Never give up and write every day. As I always say: "A plan, dedication, the proper training, a good mentor, know-how, and a team of supportive and encouraging people equals a recipe for making dreams happen."

I am a bookstagrammer / paid book review or interview service? Are you interested?

Thank you so much for reaching out to me about my books. I know the power of a good book review and am always looking for ways to expand the reach of my books. If you have already read, reviewed, or otherwise supported my books, thank you so much!

Given the era of spammers and the number of indie author predators out there, unfortunately I no longer respond to social media messages, emails, or my website contact form messages regarding paid bookstagramming/book review services/blog posts. I apologize for the inconvenience, but if you would like to submit your paid service for consideration, please click here and it will take you to a Google Form where you can enter your service. 

I also have an author media kit where you can find more about me, my author style, author influences, images, excerpts, links, etc. for your blog.

I will review services as-needed. I will reach out to those who I feel might be a good fit. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and I wish you the best in your profession.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I wrote a story in third grade about a baby whale who lost his mommy whale and had to search the entire sea to find her (Yes, this was before Finding Nemo). In fifth grade, I wrote a full-length book about mermaids, a magic pearl, and a dashing human prince. Unfortunately, I was using my father's old computer which could not boot past Y2K. So...that was when I realized the importance of back-ups and also when I knew my many vivid dreams were just meant to go onto paper. 

I wrote several fantasy books that have never seen the light of day (and never will) and two sci-fi books that I humbly unpublished (a polishing may be in their future) before I wrote Blood of Toma. That was when I realized my love of history and writing would come together in a passion I wished I had discovered years earlier.

You sometimes include jewelry in your giveaways. Where do you get those pieces?

I'm glad the jewelry is a hit. I love fun and elegant novelty pieces. I really like handcrafted pieces and supporting women-owned small businesses as well. So, most of my pieces either come from Etsy or Capulin Creations. Every now and then, if I really like something for a giveaway, I'll get it from a department store.

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

 I do, actually. It’s “Be the Example.” What I mean by that is I want people to be kind, then I need to be kind. If I want my kids to grow up a certain way, then I need to be a certain way, etc. I need to be accountable for my goals, setbacks, actions, and life. Because at the end of the day, at the end of my life, I will be the only person responsible for what I did and did not do and how it impacted those around me. Be the example. 

Do you have any quirky writing habits? (lucky mugs, cats on laps, etc.)

 I write with Cinematic Music Focus blaring in my SkullCrushers and keep a cup of tea or coffee in one of my “author mugs” nearby. My mom and husband say I need to quit collecting them, but I hate to tell them that’s probably not going to happen. I try to display one of the author mugs in each of my newsletters. So if you want to see them, click Subscribe.

The link is a share link where if you sign up with that link, you get one month for $1. :D


I love to hear from my readers! Please feel free to use the chat or form to reach me. I get a lot of emails, but I read all messages and will get back to you as soon as I can.

In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions are above if you need a faster response.

Thank you again for joining me, and I hope you enjoy the stories!

Happy Reading!


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