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The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Prequels Audiobook Bundle

The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Prequels Audiobook Bundle

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Grab all five standalone prequels of the bestselling Ancient Egyptian family saga, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, for the lowest price found anywhere.


The Valley Iris

A forbidden love within a sacred village haunts her mind and troubles her future.

Even the vision granted to her from the goddess Hathor keeps Tey from the man she loves. Tey does not understand why her mother will not fight for her. She cannot see why his family does not accept her, until it is too late.

Is Tey doomed to live a life with someone else or with no one at all? Can she pick herself up in the darkness of the starlit night and seek her own happiness? ​ Find out in this coming-of-age drama set in the New Kingdom of Egypt.


Wife of Ay

Temehu, the daughter of Nomarch Paser, is expected to live a certain life, marry at a certain age to a man of certain status, and have children.

But in her attempts to pursue what she wants for her life, she finds herself questioning the fate of her heart on the journey to the afterlife. Enduring the wrath of a new jealous stepmother and the nobility's harmful gossip and ostracism does not soothe her reservations either. 

Is she reaping divine punishment for her deeds? Will she find peace for her eternal soul? Find out in this coming-of-age drama set in the New Kingdom of Egypt.


Paaten's War

Wounded in war. Captured by the enemy. Sold as a slave.

Despite his situation, Paaten believes his future is not in the enemy land of Hatti. As Paaten struggles to find his way back to his homeland of Egypt, he encounters a Hittite woman and finds himself in an unforeseen battle, waging the biggest war yet: that of his heart...

Will Paaten's perceived enemy ensnare his love and loyalty or will he return to Egypt to fulfill his destiny and oath to Pharaoh?


The Fifth Prophet

Power. Gold. Prestige. That is all he wants.

Young Pawah’s life changes when he travels to Waset on his parent’s hard-earned savings to become a scribe at the temple of Amun. Facing discrimination in Waset for being the son of a farmer among the wealthy elite, Pawah discovers the ease with which he garners sympathy and subsequent "pity gifts" of gold with lies and deceit.

Growing into his own on the streets of Waset, how far will Pawah take his ever-expanding greed for gold and power that hides behind his charm and wit?

Dive into this dark coming-of-age thriller that chronicles the villain of The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles.


Egypt's Second Born

Bullied by his brother and disregarded by his father, young prince Amenhotep seeks to belong.

Not expected to live as a babe, Amenhotep beats the odds only to find a life always in his brother's shadow and cast out from his father's glory.

Does Amenhotep succumb to the shadows of his father's great palace or does he rise above the ridicule to forge his own path?

These five books have over 600 reviews and a 4.55 average rating.

If you love coming-of-age, sweet romance, women's fiction, bittersweet endings, and found family, you'll love this collection. 

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