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Thank you so much for grabbing the collection of the free books I am currently offering in a starter library.

Inside you'll find these great books:


Blood of Toma

An award-winning full-length romantic novel of the Aztecs during the Conquistador conquest and the Aztec Tri-States Civil War.


In the heart of the Aztec empire, a young priestess faces a fate of honor in death as the New Fire sacrifice for her city of Texcoco.

Toma embraces her role and upholds her people's traditions, believing that her sacrifice will secure the prosperity of her city as well as her passage to the highest realm of the heavens. But when her father, the city's chief, is brutally murdered during a burgeoning civil war, Toma's fate and future are shattered.
With her life in danger, she flees into the jungle, determined to escape an unhonorable death. But she soon finds herself captured by gods who call themselves Conquistadors. Forced to choose between betraying her people and her beliefs, she struggles to find a way out of her impossible situation as one of the strangers opens her eyes to a life she wants to live for.
As rebellion brews and the tri-city states of the Aztec empire teeter on the brink of collapse, Toma must navigate a treacherous path to find her true destiny. Amidst the chaos and violence of her world in turmoil, she discovers that love and sacrifice are the ultimate weapons against darkness—and even a foe she had not foreseen.


The Curse of Revenge

A gritty, femme fatale wrapped in magical realism as a prequel to the Ancient Legends series diving into the story of the woman who became known as the mythological Greek titan, Tethys. 

Uncover the origins of Thruna, the woman from Thrace who captured the heart of Oceanus and became the Tethys of Greek legend.


The Mitanni Princess

Also known as Kiya's Prequel, this is the tragic story of the Mitanni Princess Tadukhipa as she is traded to Pharaoh Amenhotep III for good relations with her empire and becomes known as the heretic king's wife, Kiya.


Escape to this long-forgotten journey deep into the Mitanni Empire where a princess battles her father for a chance to live her own life.

Her future is pending.

The Mitanni Princess Tadukhipa weighs her options: happiness in exile and poverty, death in prison, or a luxurious life of loneliness.

Cursed to love a servant and practice a servant’s trade, Tadukhipa rebels against her father, the King, for a chance to change her destiny.

The Mitanni Princess follows the young girl assumed to be the historical Mitanni bride, Tadukhipa, to Amenhotep III and given the pet name "Kiya" by Akhenaten.


A New Dawn

The Bonus Ending to King's Daughter: The romantic story of what happens to Nefertiti's daughter, Neferneferuaten Tasherit


Isolated and alone, or is she?

Far from her homeland of Egypt, Nefe must adapt to Canaan and learn to live the rest of her life in Damaski.

Can she accept Panna as her sister? Can she befriend Paebel and learn Akkadian? Will Niwa accept her into the estate she had built in Paaten's absence?

Find out in A New Dawn, a story of love, trust, and healing—a bonus ending to King's Daughter


King's Jubilee eBook and Audiobook 

A family saga short story of the brotherhood rivalry between Crown Prince Thutmose and his brother, Amenhotep.


A secret. A brotherhood. A father's sin.

In the opulent chambers of the palace, a hidden truth threatens to tear apart the bonds of brotherhood. Crown Prince Thutmose grapples with the weight of his magnificent father's secret transgressions, haunted by the shadow they cast over his family.

As his future looms, Thutmose must confront the painful truth to find redemption for himself and his brother, Amenhotep.

Will he rise above the sins of the past to forge a path of unification, or will the specter of betrayal forever divide them?


A Reader's Guide to Salvation in the Sun

Full of chapter summaries, research behind the scenes, maps, character studies, family trees, and more!

This guide goes beyond the story and into the history behind it. It will take you on a journey through the past with pieces of the author's research behind each chapter; dig in and separate fact from fiction. There are chapter summaries, a timeline, a family tree, a map, and much more. They accompany a theme analysis and character analysis. It even includes an unedited chapter that didn’t quite make it into the story.

As a fellow history and story lover, the author wanted her readers to experience the past at the touch of a finger and a little imagination.

Grab this novella-length reader's guide to take you to new depths of the Ancient Egyptian culture and see The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles from the inside out!

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