Egypt's Lost Pharaohs - Very First Draft

Egypt's Lost Pharaohs - Very First Draft

Did you know? The original story I wrote for Salvation in the Sun was called "I am Queen Nefertiti" back before I was married. I got 30,000 words into it before I realized it wasn't following the historical record haha - should have done my research beforehand! Here was the cover mockup I was going to use.

I want my readers to experience history. Experience it like they never have before by reanimating long-abandoned places and breathing new life into lost people as characters who fight wrong with right, love and lose, and hope in times of despair.

I love watching the History channel, the Science channel, etc. because I love to see what new finds the world of archaeology has come across in their digs and the new theories that emerge. The recent consolidation of King Tut's treasures sparked the idea for The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles series and led to countless hours of detailed research to write these books.

So that is why I scratched 25k of the 30k words and started again having done the research, but it was worth it. Readers loved Salvation in the Sun (Book One) and garnered over 30 five star reviews in it's debut in May 2017 including the ReadersFavorite organization and independent bloggers like RedHeadedBookLover.

Salvation in the Sun (Book One) was a success and now onward to Secrets in the Sand (Book Two). I can't wait for you to experience the history I've put into this series.

God Bless!

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